About The Popcorn Loft


The Popcorn Loft is a family-owned business in York, Pennsylvania. Steve and Angie Shultz are the proud owners of the company. The Popcorn Loft was imagined and created in 2013 and opened in 2014. A year before that, Angie traveled to Texas to visit family and was introduced to gourmet popcorn stores near Dallas, Texas. Wow!  What an experience! 75 different creations of gourmet popcorn in any flavor you could think of! And, old fashioned candy and soda, it was reminiscent of childhood days. After returning home, we started brainstorming about introducing a gourmet popcorn store into the York area where people could have the same great experience and enjoy premium quality popcorn that was extraordinary and affordable.       


We will always strive to create and serve the finest quality products and provide the best service to our customers. We hope you enjoy our popcorn, fudge and candy, and we hope you visit soon and return often!